CEPHAS Ministries

1. Are you a born again Christian? yes  no 
2. How do you know you are born again? 

3. What did you do to become born again?

4. Is the Bible the inerrant, infallible Word of God? yes no

5. Which translation of the Bible do you read the most? Have you read the Bible ? yes no

6. Will Jesus return to earth to rule for a literal thousand years of peace in a visible, literal body? yes no

7. The "thousand years" of Revelation, Chapter 20 will begin:

a) It has already happened b) Before Jesus comes again

c) After Jesus comes again

8. Who will rule with Jesus for a thousand years?

9. I believe the "rapture" of 1Conrinthians 15:52

(For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first)

will occur:

a) During the "beginning of sorrows" (Mat. 24:8) (Pre-Trib)?

b) During the "great tribulation" (Mat. 24:21) (Mid-Trib)?

c) After the "great tribulation" (Post-Trib)?

d) After the "thousand years" of Revelation 20?

10. The thousand years of Revelation 20 is: a) Literal b) Symbolical

11. The "thousand years" of Revelation 20 will begin:

a) Before the devil is bound 1000 years? b) After the devil is bound 1000 years?

12. The first beast (of the sea) of Revelation 13 is: a) a man

b) a government c) a man and a government

13. The second beast (of the land) of Revelation 13: a) a man b) a religious

system c) a man and a religious system

14. The mark of the beast, "666" will be: a) a state of mind or b) a literal visible mark on / in the flesh

15. "MYSTERY BABYLON" of Rev. 17 is: a) a city b) apostate Christianity c) a nation d) other write in

16. The Anti-Christ will be a: a) Jew b) the Pope c) Moslem

d) Protestant e) a New Ager f) a political leader g) other

17. The false prophet will be a: a) a Jew b) the Pope c) a Moslem

d) a Protestant e) a New Ager f) a political leader g) other

18. I believe Armageddon will happen within: a) five years b) ten years

c) 25 years d) other

19. I believe a person once saved can cannot apostatize and lose his/ her salvation.

20. Jesus will return to set up His "thousand year" rule in: a) less than a year , b) less than ten years , less than twenty years , other

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